Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Textile Miracle Resource

Textiles or fabrics are not only for wearing or fashion…there are many creative ways to make use of these materials. Like silk duponi and batik, these are good material for clothing, but not limited to it. For weddings, anniversaries, formal occasions, school events, theatre plays, movie production, dance production, or any event for that matter… silk and batik are as versatile as can be. You can also use them in your house for many kinds of decoration treatments: drapery panels, window treatments, table runners, table cloths, accents on tables and chairs, or accents on sofa backs and arms. The use goes as far as the imagination would take you. If you’re looking for Imported Textiles Charlotte, just visit www.miracle-resources.com and your eyes will feast upon the variety of colors, designs, patterns and prints of unique imported batik and silk duponi. If you want authentic, you’ll find it there. When I found this specially designed batik, I ordered right away thinking I’ll make a lovely dress of it. But when I was holding it and saw how lovely it was, I didn’t have the heart to cut it, so I mounted it on the wall as dĂ©cor in my my living area.


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