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Why Country & Folk Music Are Best for Relaxing Afternoons

The sounds of country music are common on those perfect afternoon days when the weather is perfect and the outdoors call out. It is that time when the chores must wait for another day. It is that time to just relax. These are a few reasons why country music and folk music are the best for relaxing afternoons.


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Country music is relaxing because everyone is familiar with the words. It is easy to pick up the notes in the middle of song. Since it is already known, there is no stressing out about learning new words. Simple familiarity with the tune is enough to lower your blood pressure. Whereas with rap and rock, the words are undecipherable and just hard to sing along with.

Relating to the Song

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A lot of country music is about the story. There is this personal connection that allows people to relate to it. It makes people feel that they aren't alone with their problems. Sharing common problems takes some of the stress out of the situation and allows for relaxation. Rap doesn't tell a good story and rock just doesn't have any good ones.

Time Out

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Another thing that folk music does is give you a time out from a stressful situation. For the time that the song is playing, you aren't thinking about your problems. You are thinking about the music itself. This break gives you time to take a deep breath, belt out a few notes, and just concentrate on something that is fun. Rock can raise your anxiety levels and rap can grate on your nerves.

Acknowledging the Emotions

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Country music is full of emotional context. There is a song for just about every emotion from the sadness of a broken heart to the elation of new love. In order to help yourself relax, it helps to understand your own feelings. Sometimes, all you need is a little push. There is a major reduction in stress after expressing those feelings. But it isn't just about the sad times, country music also acknowledges the happier times. Emotion expressed through rap and rock often sound off-key.

Hanging Out With Friends

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There is something about country music that brings people together. It is hard to describe, but there is a magic in the songs that brings friends closer together. Spending time with your friends is a treat that gets sidelined during busy times. Just getting the chance to share some Zac Brown Band tickets is a great way to reconnect. Rap is more of an acquired taste and something not easily shared. Rock tends to cover any great conversations.

Country music has many aspects that complement a relaxing afternoon. It is helpful in reducing stress levels because of its familiarity and popularity. Other types of music just don't have that same type of personal connection that allows you to spend time relaxing on warm afternoons.


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